The Blueprint for Vibrant Health

The Blueprint for Vibrant Health


The Blueprint for Vibrant Health

A Guide to Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit


Do you feel like something is missing from your treatment plan?  If so, the solution is here!  This exciting and informative book contains everything necessary in order to naturally restore emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. This is one of those books that all of us can benefit from reading, especially those who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition and are open to alternative approaches.  It shows countless ways to awaken your own innate healing power, which exists inside yourself, in order to overcome illness and pain. What most of the mainstream medical doctors are not telling you is that the body actually has a tremendous ability to heal itself, especially when mental, physical, and spiritual health all come together. This uplifting book addresses how psychological, physical/biological, and spiritual interventions can all unite for true healing and long-term vitality.

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Professional Book Review

Click below for a detailed book review written by a fellow professional social worker and author, Victoria Brewster, owner of "MSW Writes".  Check it out ~  It has been recently posted on her highly educational and inspirational blog: